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Lapping tracks - Trouble Shooting

Lapping tracks are indentations on the sample surface made by abrasive particles moving freely on a hard surface. These are not scratches, like from a cutting action, but are the distinct tracks of particles tumbling over the surface without removing material.

  • If an abrasive particle is not held in a fixed position while the sample is passing over it, it will start rolling. Instead of removing the material, the grain is forced into the sample material, creating deep deformation and only pounding small particles out of the sample surface.

  • Lapping tracks can be produced during both grinding and polishing.

  • The causes are: wrong disc/cloth surfaces for the actual operation or the wrong force. Also combinations of these faults can cause lapping tracks.


Look at the examples and expert system as follows:

Lapping tracks on Zirkalloy:
The tumbling track of
abrasive particles, following
the rotation of the disc can
clearly be seen.
Mag: 200x

/resources/fp/11933/lap1.jpg (11059 bytes)

Lapping track after final
polishing. The very deep
indentations can still be
seen. Also visible is the
underlying deformation
following the lapping track.
Pure Tantalum
Mag: 500x, DIC

/resources/fp/11933/lap2.jpg (14164 bytes)

Lapping tracks are visible on the sample:

Were the lapping tracks caused by the step just carried out?

/resources/fp/11933/yes.gif (800 bytes)

Change the cloth to one with higher resilience. Look in Grinding/Polishing Surfaces in the Product section for details. Repeat the step that caused the lapping tracks.

/resources/fp/11933/no.gif (561 bytes)

/resources/fp/11933/pil2.gif (328 bytes)

Repeat the complete preparation
method. Check each step to see
when lapping did occur.
Start all over again.

Did the lapping
tracks disappear?

/resources/fp/11933/no.gif (561 bytes)

/resources/fp/11933/yes2.gif (870 bytes)

Increase the force by 10%. Repeat the step that caused the lapping tracks. If the lapping tracks do not disappear, go to the top.

Continue with the preparation.


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